How To Keep Hardwood Flooring Costs Down

Posted on: 3 February 2015

Hardwood flooring can increase your home value. However, if the main motivation for getting hardwood flooring is economic, you'll also want to find ways to keep your hardwood flooring costs as low as possible. On the high end, it can cost over $3,000 to have hardwood floors added to your home. But, if you are careful, you can have this price reduced by about a thousand dollars. Also, the costs of adding hardwood floors can be higher if your home needs more renovations to get it prepared for a hardwood floor installation.

Avoid Hiring a General Contractor

If you hire a general contractor to have your hardwood flooring installed, you can expect to have an extra 20% added to the normal cost of having your hardwood flooring installed. Your local building department may also require permit and inspection fees to make sure that your building is up to code.

Calculate the Cost

The usual cost of hardwood flooring is based on the number of square feet on which the hardwood flooring will be installed. Therefore, if you would like to keep costs lower, have hardwood flooring installed in a smaller area.

Avoid Pre-Finished Flooring

Avoiding pre-finished flooring will also help you reduce the cost of getting hardwood flooring, even if the job will require more labor. The cost of pre-finished hardwood floor planks is higher because of the greater amount of work involved to engineer them.

Consider Other Costs

If you do not already have existing flooring, the installation costs will not be as high than if the previous flooring has to be removed. If you are able to remove the already-existing floor yourself, you will be able to lower your hardwood flooring costs. Also, if your subfloor is damaged for whatever reason and needs to be repaired, this will add to the cost of hardwood flooring.

Find the Cheapest Wood

The species of wood that you select will affect how expensive the hardwood flooring is. Red oak is one of the most affordable options. Solid wood floors might last a long time and improve the value of your home, but they are not as affordable as engineered and laminate wood flooring. Laminate flooring, for example, is not a real wood floor, but gives the appearance of one.

Do It Yourself

If you perform any part of the home installation process yourself, you will save on the cost of labor. However, only do this if you feel confident that you know what you are doing. Any mistakes you make may force you to purchase more materials and spend extra time undoing your mistake.  (For more information, contact Ambrose Randa Hardwoods)


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