Choosing The Right Equipment For Your Handling Needs

Posted on: 11 February 2015

When you own a warehouse or a storage facility, you have to be able to move and store large quantities of material. Properly storing materials will depend on what sorts of materials you plan to store. For example, if you are storing grains, fruits, or other materials, you will need food-grade materials. If you are moving rock, metal, or other heavy materials, you will need equipment that is up to the weight of the materials. Thus, your first step in designing the right facility is to know what you will be called on to store. 

Storage and Handling Equipment

Storing materials will require shelving, pallets, bins, and other storage mechanisms. The only concern when using shelving is that it be able to handle the sheer weight of the materials you want to store. If you are storing food, your shelving will typically not need to be as bulky as if you are planning to store metal or rock.

Weight is only one issue. On the other hand, when you are storing food in bins, you need to make sure that the bins you use will not react with or contaminate the food. What you actually store materials in is the biggest key to protecting the quality of the items to be stored. 

Moving Supplies

Storing materials is only part of the equation when running a storage facility. You also have to be able to efficiently move material around your facility. Part of the movement equation will depend on how you set up your facility, but organization will only take you so far. You also need the right equipment for moving things around. When it comes to moving things around, you have a lot of options. For example, you can use conveyor belts, cranes, trucks, rails, or carts. The option you choose to set up will have a big impact on how well your facility runs and the types of materials you are able to store. 

A Tracking System

The larger your storage facility is, the more important it is to have some means of keeping track of the items to be stored. A good facility will have barcodes and laser scanners that will help to track things so that they can be retrieved within moments.

When you need to store materials, you need someone who can design a good system for you, provide the right equipment, and then set it up. A good supplier of materials-handling equipment like Tri State Surplus Co can handle these tasks efficiently. 


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