Plastic Wheel Stops Are A Positive Alternative To Concrete

Posted on: 18 February 2015

For any business, efficiency and safety are key. This is true not only for the inside areas of a business, but also the outside, such as the parking lot. Wheel stops are a solution that helps efficiently control traffic and increase safety. Typically, when you think of wheel stops, you think of the concrete option. While concrete stops offer a number of benefits, they aren't the only selection that can be advantageous. Plastic wheel stops are another option you should consider to satisfy your parking lot's needs.


Plastic wheel stops can be just as, if not more, durable than concrete. Plastic wheel blocks are built with multiple layers of hardened plastic. This plastic is designed to withstand the impact of a vehicle and harsh weather conditions. Concrete can withstand the impact of a car, but doesn't do as well in extreme weather.

Excessively hot or cold temperatures can cause concrete to chip. Chipped wheel blocks don't just look bad, but they also leave pieces of concrete all over. Customers could easily trip over one of these pieces and injury themselves. Plastic is not prone to chipping and is able to easily withstand weather fluctuations.

Good for the Environment

It's also important to consider the positive impact plastic wheel stops have on the environment. Compared to many other materials, plastic takes a very long time to decompose. This often means that previously used plastic ends up in a landfill. Plastic wheel stops are designed from recycled materials.

Instead of producing more plastic, these wheel stops make use of material already available. Producing the wheel stops from recycled plastic conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse emissions and reduces the amount of waste sent to an incinerator or landfill. Combined, all of these benefits improve air quality, which benefits everyone.

Easier Install

One of the best things about plastic wheel stops is that they are very easy to install. For example, both hauling and installing concrete wheel blocks will take more than one person, simply because concrete is such a heavy material. However, even though plastic wheel stops are made up of numerous layers of plastic, they are still light enough for a single person to handle and install.

In the event that you need to install or replace a wheel stop on your own, this is a task you can easily complete by yourself without the costly expenses of renting heavy equipment or hiring a group of people to assist you.

When it comes to wheel stops, there is no one-size-fits-all standard. Plastic is a unique option you should consider for your parking lot needs.

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