Planning A New Pool Purchase? ~ Reasons To Opt For Gunite

Posted on: 25 February 2015

Are you planning on purchasing a pool? If so, deciding on the type of pool you want installed will be one of the most important decisions you make. Perhaps you have already decided that you you want an in-ground pool. Gunite, fiberglass and vinyl are the material options available for in-ground pools. 

What is gunite made of?

You will be surprised to learn that gunite is a fancy name for cement that is composed of sand and concrete. Gunite is sometimes referred to as shotcrete

Application and Drying

You can expect a gunite pool installation to proceed fairly quickly once framework has been installed, and the concrete mix has cured. This material is not as fast an installation as fiberglass and vinyl options, but you have to keep in mind that those in-ground pool options consist of mere liners that are pre-fabricated and installed.  

Increased Property Value

Adding a gunite pool is an effective way to add value to your property. This can be a selling point at a future date if you decide to move. Including other features such as an in-ground spa made from gunite may increase the value even further. Tanning ledges and waterfalls are other good amenities to include. 

Unique Design Options

If you opt for a vinyl or fiberglass in-ground pool, you will have to choose from a design that is created by the manufacturer. You can customize a gunite pool to the shape you want it to be.

You may also choose to have different levels of water in a gunite constructed pool, which can accommodate advanced and beginner swimmers. The overall size of the pool will also be at your discretion. If you are a person who pays attention to details, you will appreciate the fact that you can request to have your gunite pool colored to complement your landscaping. 

Easy Cleaning and Care

You will need to be mindful of potential algae growth with shotcrete pools. On the plus side, these pools are not hard to keep clean nor drain. There also is not a risk of the walls collapsing during draining due to the durability of the material. When you decide to perform thorough cleanings, you can hire professionals, or you can simply use a brush and the appropriate cleaning solutions to clean away the debris. 

If you need even more reasons to choose gunite for your pool project, you should consider using a pool installation company like the one at as a resource. They can provide you with even more benefits as well as a side-by-side comparison of vinyl, fiberglass and gunite and the pros and cons of each. 


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