Fixing A Few Roofing Shingles? Things To Consider While Shopping

Posted on: 17 March 2015

If you have a friend that used to do roofing, and thinks they can repair some damaged shingles for you without concern, you have to find a building supplies contractor. You'll want to take your damaged shingles with you, to make sure you can get other shingles that match.

When you are there, get the shingles and the roofing nails that you need to do the work. You may also want to shop for the following things, to help improve the functionality of your roof, and to protect your home.

New Insulation

Add new insulation under the roof line in the attic, to help improve your energy usage. If your roof is starting to lose shingles, it may be at the age where the insulation isn't working as well as it used to. This means you could be losing heat unnecessarily through the roof, wasting money. The building supplies store should have all of the insulation you need.

If you notice the insulation is severely depleted, you may want to call a spray foam insulation company to come in and apply polyurethane foam all over the attic roof. This will prevent leaks and pests, and stop heat loss.

Gutter Covers

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning out your gutters each year, because they get filled with twigs, acorns and other debris? You could avoid all of this wasted time, and you can prevent gutter and shingle damage with the covers.

If too many items get clogged in your gutters, this can weigh them down, and then they start to tear away from the house and do damage.


If someone is going to be up on the roof around the plumbing vents and the gable vents, you should have them caulked. This will ensure that water doesn't come into the roof from these areas. This is easy and affordable to do.

Talk with your friend who has experience doing roofing work about what other tools they need to have to get the job completed, and get them while you are at the building supplies store. If you see multiple problems on the roof, you may want to have it looked at by a professional roofing contractor, to make sure there isn't a lot of bad damage that needs immediate professional assistance. A few shingles can be replaced if you know what shingles to buy, and how to apply them. To learn more about home repair, contact American Building & Roofing Inc


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