What Could Be Wrong When Your Home Is Not Getting Warm

Posted on: 30 March 2015

If you are noticing that your home does not get warm no matter how high you set your thermostat, you could have a problem with your HVAC system. The problem might not even be with the furnace itself, and may require professional help to fix it. You will need to narrow down the problem, as it could be any of the following things.

An Air Duct Leak

Your furnace needs to push the warm air through your ductwork to get it throughout your home. If there is a problem with your ductwork, a significant amount of warm air could be escaping before it ever makes it out of the vents. On average, 20-30% of air in a home is lost through damaged ductwork, but if you have a big problem, all the warm air could be going between the walls.

A professional can inspect your ductwork, and find where the air is leaking. If the ductwork causing the problem is behind a wall, it will require some careful demolition to repair the problem.

A Clogged Air Filter

Your furnace's air filter is what stops dust from traveling through your home, but it can also be what is stopping the warm air as well. Your furnace's air filter needs to be changed regularly, and if you let it go a long time without being changed, that dust can form a barrier that makes it difficult for air to pass through.

If you keep up with replacing your filter regularly, this will never be a problem.

A Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat has a sensor in it that regulates the temperature in your home. If the sensor is damaged, it can make the furnace in your home run inefficiently or not run at all. Replacing your thermostat will help ensure that the temperature is set exactly how you want it.

When you are replacing your thermostat, consider going with a programmable model that has customized settings for both weekdays and weekends. It will avoid heating your home when you are not around, and help reduce your heating bills.

A Draft

There may be a possibility that warm air is escaping your home through a draft. A thermal camera can be used to find the exact spot where a draft is occurring. It could be from a window that is not sealing properly, or simply having poor insulation.

By identifying the potential problem, you will get your furnace heating your home properly again. Contact McLaughlin Air Conditioning Co Inc. for more information.


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