Driveway Paving Materials And Prep Work

Posted on: 14 May 2015

If you're planning on having a driveway built on your property, make sure to understand the materials used and the unique properties of your land. Pre-existing driveways, sands, soil types or debris may cost extra or require a different approach once the paving team arrives, so it's better to discuss the conditions beforehand. Consider a few traits and exceptions that could have an impact on your driveway build.

Remove Or Keep: Updating With An Existing Driveway

If this isn't your first driveway, you may have to remove the old one before having the new one paved. For many driveway materials, building on an existing driveway may weaken the top layer and lead to damage as the seasons change.

Certain types of concrete or aggregate driveways may expand and contract to the point of breaking apart as the seasons change from hot and cold in a process called thermal expansion and contraction (contraction officially covered under negative thermal expansion). 

When the concrete moves, any layers of material that contractors build over the old driveway may crumble or tear away. To avoid this brittle problem, there may be extra time and money spent by the contractors to destroy the old driveway first.

If you have a driveway made out of cleared and compacted dirt or gravel, there's no need for expensive removal. Some asphalt driveway types may be dug into the ground or used as a foundation, but check with the contractor to find out what kind of clearing technique they have planned.

Planning Ahead With Ground Construction

If you're having pavement placed, you may be able to have some other work down while contractors are in the area. The costs of many expensive construction services are often due to the initial labor, but if you can combine these services into one job, the bundled cost can be quite attractive.

If you plan on expanding your property and want to run wiring to another building or structure, the contracting crew can place conduits with pull boxes (storage boxes for unused wiring) to make later expansion easier. For rural areas, you may want to have a utility pole installed while you can in case you decide to add additional services such as Internet connections.

In addition to saving money by bundling, you reduce a lot of the work that later contractors may have to do. In some cases, future contractors may have to rip up parts of your driveway just to put down new wiring or perform other underground tasks. 

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