Four Off-Grid Solutions To Get Water From The Source To Your Home

Posted on: 10 June 2015

If you have a rural property, getting water from a source to your home can be a difficult problem to solve. This usually is done with a well pump if you use a water well, but if you want your home to also have sustainable off-grid solutions, you may want other systems. Some of the things that you can do include using ram pumps, cisterns and wind powered pumps. Here are some off-grid solutions to back up your well pump when you go off-grid:

1. Ram Pumps For A Gravity Fed Pumping Solution

Ram pumps can be a great solution for getting water from the source to your home. These do not work directly with a well because they require the force of gravity. They can work with a well basin, spring or creek, and pump water to a cistern. For using a ram pump on a well, you will need to have something to contain the water like a basin. The water will need to flow for the ram pump to work.  

2. Wind-Powered Well Pumps For Getting Water From A Well

Wind powered water pumps are another good solution to get water from a well. This can work in areas with steady winds. These pumps will use a windmill to pump the water, which can then be delivered to your home or storage tanks. There is a limited amount of pressure with wind-powered pumps, and it is not guaranteed that you will have the wind to power them.

3. Using Cisterns For Storing Water And Adding Water Pressure

Cisterns are a great solution for storing water. These can be tanks that are buried in the ground to store water. If you have them buried though, you will need to have a well pump for water pressure if you use the water for plumbing in your home. By installing a cistern higher than plumbing in your home, you will have gravity fed water pressure and not need to have a pump.

4. Cistern Hand Pumps For A Manual Operating Solution

If you have a well pump installed and just want to have a backup solution for water, cistern hand pumps are great. These old manual pumps have a handle that you use to pump the water. They can also be a great addition to your home if you want to have an authentic looking well that has one of these classic pumps. This functional, manual solution will ensure that you always have access to the water you need.

If you want to get water to your home with off-grid solutions, these are some things that you can do. These solutions can be great to back up your water well pump. If you need help with these solutions, contact a well pump service such as T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair and talk to them about the best solutions for your home.  


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