Debunking Two Of Your Misbeliefs About Commercial Cleaning Services

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Keeping your business's windows clean is an important part of making your enterprise as attractive as possible to potential and existing customers. However, new business owners will often neglect this routine chore because they make the mistake of believing some relatively common misconceptions about window cleaning services. By knowing the truth behind the following two notions, you should be better able to appreciate the benefits of using these services. 

Myth: Professional Commercial Window Cleanings Are Only For High Rise Buildings

There are many new business owners that assume these professional services are only economical for extremely large buildings. While a professional window cleaning service can certainly meet the needs of these buildings, they also can help business owners in smaller buildings meet their window cleaning needs. 

These providers have tools that will allow them to quickly and effectively clean your windows. In contrast, if you attempt to do this work yourself or have an employee do it, you may struggle with streaks, water spots and a host of other aesthetic issues. Also, if a ladder is needed, you may be liable for any injuries that occur to your workers while doing this task. When you consider these benefits, the cost of a professional cleaning service may be a small price to pay. 

Myth: These Cleanings Will Damage Painted Window Signs

Many business owners have paint signs on their windows, and they may think that these cleaners will damage this paint. Considering the price of having these signs painted onto the glass, this is a concern that is easy to understand. Luckily, you should be aware that the cleaning service will use chemicals and scrubbers that are designed to be used on this type of paint. 

The scrubbers used are extremely soft sponges because this material will be able to remove the surface dirt and grime without wearing down the paint. In fact, most professional window cleaning services offer warranties that protect their customers from this type of damage. If the window sign is accidentally damaged, these companies will pay to have the sign restored. 

Having clean and clear windows is a critical goal for any business owner. If you have dirty windows, it is possible that some customers may be put off by this appearance or find it difficult to see your products. By understanding the truth behind these two misconceptions concerning commercial window cleaning services, you should be better able to appreciate how these services can help your enterprise.

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