Taking Care Of Frameless Shower Doors

Posted on: 12 July 2015

One pleasing renovation you can do to your bathroom is replacing a standard shower curtain with a frameless shower enclosure and glass doors. This type of shower enclosure will showcase tiling in your shower to be viewed from across the room, allowing it to be appreciated by those who see it. Having glass doors will also make your bathroom appear larger as a big portion of the room will not be hiding behind a curtain. Here are some steps to follow in keeping your glass shower doors looking their best for years to come.

Clean Each Time You Shower

Every time you take a shower, the glass doors should be cleaned immediately afterward so there is no film left behind from your soap, shampoo and conditioner. If you have hard water, it can leave deposits on glass that harden and become difficult to remove at a later time. Waiting to clean glass shower doors can cause you to use extra cleaning supplies and may take more time. Instead of taking this risk, cleaning while the doors are wet will ensure you have crystal clear glass. 

Keep Materials Nearby

Place a holder inside your shower for a squeegee and non-abrasive cleanser. Having the items within reach will help remind you to do a quick cleaning after you turn off the water. Place your towel over one of the glass doors so you can dry and cover yourself while you do your cleaning session. Open the door so the steam will be released before spraying down the surface of the interior glass with your spray. Squeegee the spray while holding a washcloth along the edge to catch any droplets you scrape from the surface.

Do Deep Cleaning

While it is important to do daily cleanings, it is also a good idea to do deeper cleaning once a week to remove any hardened soap from your glass. To remove soap scum, use a mixture of half-vinegar and half-water. Heat up this mixture before applying to help loosen debris. Simply spray on each side of the glass and scrub caked-on soap with a non-abrasive sponge. Dry the glass with a piece of microfiber cloth. Every few months, add some car wax to your glass doors. This will give them a slick surface as they fill in any porous areas of the glass. This makes the glass easier to clean and helps keep them looking like new.


Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury in Their Home

When I was growing up, my parents worked very hard to make ends meet for my family and we lived in a small, basic home. After I landed my first job as an adult, I purchased my first home. When I got a promotion at work, my salary increased dramatically and I started dreaming of having my bathroom remodeled to give it a "luxury spa" feeling. I felt guilty having a luxury spa in my home when my parents still lived in the same small home they raised us in, so I had their bathroom turned into a "luxury spa" as well! It felt great being able to "pay it back" to them for all the hard work they did in raising our family. I am looking into other home remodeling projects now, and I want to share what I am learning with others who would need the information!

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