Enhance The Space Around Your Pool With These Easy Landscaping Tricks

Posted on: 24 July 2015

Your swimming pool should feel like a natural addition to your yard, and the best way to making this happen is by improving the landscaping around the pool. With the right steps towards landscaping for pools, you can make sure that your yard looks great and that the area around your pool is well cared for and safe for you to use.

Make Sure Plenty of Lighting is Provided

If you enjoy using your swimming pool in the early morning or late evening, it's so important that the pool has plenty of lighting available. Proper lighting can come in the form of small outdoor lighting posts or larger fixtures that help illuminate the space around your pool.

Avoid Any Materials That Allow Weed Growth

If you're still choosing pool decking or mulch to go around the plants near your pool, it's a good idea to check that weeds won't become a problem. Skipping materials such as paving stones that allow weeds to pop between them can help make the pool decking easier to care for.

Focus on Safety with Slip-Resistant Flooring

When choosing the material to go around your pool, it's important that you keep safety in mind. Slipping can be a real issue with pool decking since water can build up and make it difficult to move around the pool without falling. Choosing slip-resistant pool decking with some traction can make all the difference in the safety of your pool.

Consider if Any Shade Needs to Be Added

Shade is important to include around your pool since you'll likely be spending a lot of time in the pool during the summer when the heat is as its highest. By getting canopies or other forms of shade installed, you'll be able to have a comfortable haven away from the heat near your pool.

Avoid Plants and Trees That Shed

Leaves and other debris fallen from plants and trees can be a real problem if you choose just any kind of landscaping for the area around your pool. Looking into which trees are deciduous, meaning that they drop leaves during part of the year, can help ensure that you won't need to worry about your pool getting as dirty from the landscaping.

Taking your time with landscaping around your swimming pool can make all the difference in how easy it is to care for. Tackling the landscaping as soon as your pool is built can help ensure that it's a welcoming space for your own family and friends to enjoy. Work with a residential landscaping company to make your yard beautiful and safe.


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