Three Solutions To Update Your Home With Energy Efficient AC

Posted on: 9 September 2015

If you are ready to have AC installed in your home, you have many choices, such as compact ducts, geothermal HVAC and ductless AC systems. All of these systems can give your home energy efficient AC, but one may be better for your home than it would be for another home. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider to update your home with a new AC system:

1. Geothermal HVAC With Integration Into Existing Ducts

If you want to be able to save money with your heating and cooling, geothermal technology can be a good solution. It is can be integrated with existing ductwork to also provide cooling. Geothermal systems work as a heat exchanger that is buried in the ground, providing your system with energy to help reduce operation costs. The geothermal exchange provides the system with energy at the median ground temperature to reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home.

2. Compact Ductwork To Retrofit Small Spaces With Central AC

Compact duct systems can be a good solution for older homes that need to be retrofitted with AC. They can also be used in new homes with small designs and a limited amount of space. These systems use ducts that are no larger than a plumbing pipe, which make them easy to install in voids in walls or any other available space. The air is delivered at a higher velocity, making them more efficient and practical.

3. Ductless AC Systems For Small Homes With Minimal Cooling Needs

Ductless systems are another compact solution that can be used for your home. These are great for small homes with minimal cooling needs. They have an outdoor heat pump and an indoor cooling unit to provide your home with AC. They require less materials and labor to install, which can help you save money when adding an air conditioner to your home. You can even combine them using a split system, which has more than one indoor unit of a zoned HVAC design. Ductless systems are ideal for small and open spaces, or to add AC to a home addition.

These are some energy efficient AC systems that you may want to consider to update the air conditioning in your home. If you are ready to have AC installed, contact a heating and air conditioning contractor and talk with them about which system will be the best for your home.

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