Three Tips To Help You Add Solar Energy And Electrical Service To A Utility Trailer

Posted on: 29 September 2015

If you need to use a utility trailer, having electricity can often be a problem. You may need to have outlets for tools, appliances and equipment. The simple solution is to use a gas generator to produce the energy you need. This can also increase costs as you have to pay for gas and do regular maintenance. An alternative that you may want to consider is installing solar panels and doing an electrical installation with AC outlets. Here are some tips to help you add your own solar energy to your trailer:

1. Choosing The Type Of Solar Panel System To Use

There are many different choices of solar panels to have installed on your trailer. These can be your typical rack type solar panels that are in frames fixed to the roof of your trailer. The conventional solar panels can give you more reliable electrical production. Fixed panels can also be hard to move and add weight to a trailer. Another option is to have a solar membrane installed on the roof, which will be lightweight and easier to install than rack mounted panels. The membranes are a more practical solution for trailers.

2. Finding A Safe Place For Batteries, Converters And Equipment

There is also a lot of equipment that you will need to complete a solar power installation. Some of the equipment you need includes batteries, converters and charge controllers. You will want to have a protective compartment for these materials. If you have a limited amount of space in your trailer, you may want to consider having an exterior compartment installed for the battery bank and an interior compartment for the converters and charge controllers.

3. Choosing The Type Of Electrical And Lighting To Install In Your Trailer

When it comes to solar power on a trailer, there are many different needs that you may need to have met. You may want lighting and AC lighting for common electrical appliances. To get the most out of your solar installation, you may want to have DC connections for things like lighting and AC wiring for tools and appliances. You can also have your trailer wired for future electrical upgrades and expansion of your solar panel system.

These are some tips to help you add your own solar power to your trailer. If you are in need of a trailer, contact a trailer service such as Arentco Rental & Sales to get exactly what you need. You can even ask them about helping with some of the wiring and electrical installations.


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