What Is An Electrical Disturbance And What Causes It?

Posted on: 4 January 2016

Electrical disturbances occur when signals are produced by unwanted sources such as an atmospheric condition that will have an effect on the power to your home. There are many reasons this can happen, but after you realize what is causing the problem, you can resolve the issue. They can last for just a second and result with an increased voltage level. A brownout will last longer, causing a decrease in voltage levels. A blackout is a result of a complete electrical activity.


A power surge can happen if lightning strikes close by and will cause a spike. Surges can also happen if you turn off an appliance that is heavy-duty such as an air conditioning unit. Spikes can also happen because of a storm or accident, resulting with downed power lines.

Peak load times may cause the power company to decrease its voltage levels, resulting in a brownout. These may occur during the summer heat waves. Blackouts may result from equipment failing, ice storms, or lightning.

Improper grounding and wiring can cause grounding and wiring issues. The stopping and starting of motors or laser copiers or printers can also cause electrical disturbances.

Possible Damage

Components may receive excessive wear from power surges, including hardware equipment such as a computer that may lose data. It can also decrease the efficiency of the computer or similar device. Brownouts can also cause damage to equipment. Blackouts can also cause a minimum or total loss of data or damage the computer's hard drive. This is why utility companies urge customers to protect their devices with surge protectors.

Surge Protectors

A surge protector can place a protective layer between the electrical disturbances and your gear. Power strips are a multi-outlet product that is simply an extension of the wall's outlet. This will provide some protection, but most of these types are not totally protective.

You will want to search for a unit that displays as a warranty. Some models provide protection up to a specified amount of money, or they will repair or replace the damaged item. If you don't see that guarantee, you probably don't have a warranty for losses when using that specific strip. Be sure to read all of the information before you purchase the protector.

How to Minimize Disturbances

First, you must identify the cause of the problem that is affecting the equipment. You can also utilize good grounding practices, including proper wiring of household items.

If you live in an area where many electrical storms occur, you should be sure to protect your major appliances and office equipment. It is always a good idea, when possible, to disconnect the product from the wall. This is the only way to be sure the electricity cannot reach and damage the electrical product. These guidelines should help you discover and prevent many of the elements involved with damage and disturbances. Contact a company like C & R Electric, Inc for more information.


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