Is Green Roofing A Way To Express Your Home Decor Identity?

Posted on: 7 January 2016

If you survey the homes across the US, it doesn't take much to be unique with home design and decor. A few different colors and props can make you stand out, but does the way you stand out serve a purpose other than being different? To reach further into design, green roofing offers a few benefits for more than the aesthetics of your home. For a greener roof that gives back to the environment while expanding your canvas of home design expression, take a look at how green roofing works and what you can do with it.

Green Roofing Overview

Green roofing is the art and science of planting useful, protective greenery on top of your home. From grasses and weeds to vegetables and fruits, green roofing seeks to take the place of traditional shingles and shakes for a more natural form of protection. It's possible to turn your home's roof into a garden, but careful balance needs to take place to make sure that your roof continues to serve its purpose as shelter and support.

Any green roofing application adds a variable amount of soil, plants and moisture within a certain threshold. The general weight of the roof will be the same, but you need to take into consideration the amount of rainwater that will be held in by the soil. 

The water isn't completely evaporated as the weather becomes more fair. Along with the nutrients in the soil, you'll need to remember that plants will be absorbing the water and adding to their own weight. Bigger plants holding in more water and nutrients means more weight, creating a concern that many gardeners may not think about.

This means that the planting plans must be taken into consideration, and the roof must take on a different format depending on what you plan on doing.

Different Green Roofing Approaches

One of the most basic forms of green roofing is sod roofing, which predates written history. Sod roofing is the picture of rustic, ancient living in Europe and Scandinavia; an image of green pastures sitting atop simple homes overlooking farmlands.

Despite being an ancient building method, modern approaches are applied to keep these green roofing styles up to legal code. The roofing underneath still needs the structural integrity of a modern roof and needs to be enhanced to withstand the additional weight of a small layer of pasture with rainwater on top.

Like any green roofing technique, you gain the benefit of reducing greywater effects. The soil filters out some of the pollutants in the rain, which isn't likely to kill grasses unless the US returns to the era of world-challenging smog levels.

More ambitious green roofing techniques can deliver fruits and vegetables from your rooftop. Additional roof support is needed for heavier crops, and safety rails are necessary for plants with rolling hazards such as watermelons, but a roofing contractor with green roofing advisers can make your rooftop gardening safe and healthy with an unrivaled delivery of sunlight.

It's even possible for trees to become part of the roofing, although a much more ambitious level of support is needed. Returning to sod roofing, trees growing on top of old sod roof homes are a sign of abandonment and a nearing roof collapse as they become bigger.

Avoid the do-it-yourself approach of throwing some dirt on the roof with a few wooden barricades. Contact a roofing contractor, such as those at Darnell Construction, to get a thorough plan for a robust, green rooftop design. 


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