Three Benefits Of Liquid Roof Coating

Posted on: 10 March 2016

Now that spring warming trends are exposing the roofing beneath all of that winter snow, it's time to start thinking about preparing and caring for your roof through the warmer weather and storm seasons. One of the things you might be thinking about is protecting the roof with a reflective roof coating. If you're considering a roof coating, here are a few reasons why you might opt for a liquid coating instead of the classic roll or brush-on product.

It's Completely Seamless

When you spray a liquid roof coating, it creates a coating across the entire rooftop. The spray effectively melts into the existing roof material, forming a membrane over the surface of the roof that has no holes, joints or seams at all. It produces a waterproof barrier over everything on your roof, including the areas around drains, wall seams and pipes. These are all things that can be challenging to work around with a roll or brush-on coating.

It's Quick and Easy to Apply

With a liquid roof coating, you won't have to worry about a roof tear-off. You can apply it directly over all of the existing roofing. In addition, since some of the liquid roofing products are rapid drying, and you can even apply those products in humid or storm-threatening weather. Your roofing contractor can show you the options for rapid-drying sealant if you're interested in choosing this type. It may help you complete the project quicker if time is of the essence.

It's Not Disruptive

Although some roof repairs and coatings can be noisy processes with hammering, rolling and hauling large buckets around on the roof, spray roof coating isn't a noisy process. You won't have to deal with the hammering, banging or other equipment noise on your roof. Instead, the roofing contractor will bring a spray nozzle with a container that's often worn like a backpack. In addition, most liquid products are low-odor, so you won't have the same offensive odor issues as you might with a tar coating.

Before you have your roof coated with any product, consider exactly what you're hoping to achieve. With a spray-on coating, you can not only create a solid waterproofing barrier, but you'll also protect your roof from some weather damage. All of this happens with as little disruption as possible to your comfort, making it a great option. For more information, contact Stetson Painting or a similar company.


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