Causes Of Low Water Pressure

Posted on: 25 April 2016

As problems go, low water pressure seems rather unimportant in theory. In reality, it's a serious annoyance and handicaps your efforts to accomplish daily tasks. When you hop in the shower every morning, having water dribble from the shower head means a long and unsatisfactory shower. Washing dishes takes forever, and the low pressure means getting them truly clean is more difficult. If you have this problem, you need to check for several different issues in order to restore proper pressure.


Lots of unpleasant "stuff" can get into your pipes and fixtures, slowing down the flow of water. Your older pipes can collect mineral deposits or other debris that gets into your water supply. Your older pipes can also release rust that gets caught in joints and fixtures. Sometimes dirt and grit clog up the aerator at the tip of your faucets as well. You can easily remove the aerator and run the water to see if the flow improves. If it doesn't, the clog is somewhere in the pipes. At this point, calling in a professional is advisable.


Hidden leaks can also be the cause for your pressure problems. You can determine if you have a leak by turning off all the water faucets in your home. Go outside and record the usage number on the water meter. Come back later in the day to see if the meter has measured any usage. If it has, you obviously have a leak that will require professional attention.

Pressure Tank

Sometimes the low pressure comes from the municipal water source, leaving you with fewer options to correct the issue. If you have a well, however, the problem could be a faulty pressure tank. Compressed air is required to get the water pumping as it should into and throughout your home. If the internal bladder is defective, you will likely have water trickles instead of streams. If you cannot locate other potential causes for your pressure issues, have your pressure tank evaluated for problems. 

Low water pressure is a significant issue for homeowners. In many cases, you can find and correct the causes of low water pressure. You can do a few checks yourself to determine if you need professional help for your plumbing system. If you have a well, pay special attention to your pressure tank. You do not have to live with the flat hair and less-than-clean home that low water pressure can cause. Contact a business, such as Valley Drilling Corporation of VA, for more information.   


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