Stud Welding Safety Gear And Accessories Every Novice Welder Must Have

Posted on: 1 July 2016

If you have little or no experience with welding, the first welder you will probably want to bring home will be a stud welder. These welders are far less complicated to use than mig or arc welders and are definitely a good tool to use to start learning welding skills. However, stud welders also have potential for causing you harm if you do not wear the appropriate safety gear and use the right accessories, especially as a novice welder. Here are a few stud welding safety gear items and accessories you need to make sure you have before you get started. 

Welder's Gloves - Keeping your hands protected during any type of welding action is highly important. Not only do you need to protect your hands from the heat, but also electric conduction as well. A good, dry pair of welder's gloves are non-conductive and flame-resistant. Therefore, you will not have to be concerned with being shocked or burned with an improper movement or action. If someone gives you a pair of welder's gloves, make sure you examine them closely for holes or damage, as any small tear or discrepancy could leave your hands vulnerable. 

Safety Goggles - Stud welding may not involve a flash of flying sparks like traditional welding, but the heat from the produced arc of electricity from the gun can be pretty intense, which can put your eyes in danger of being burning. Wearing safety goggles specifically designed for use with a stud welder is best because these goggles have rim protection and shaded lenses. You may also wear a welder's helmet if your prefer, but this is not an absolute necessity with stud welding unless your eyes are extra sensitive to the amount of light produced. 

Welding Table - A welding table may not sound like a piece of safety equipment, but it actually serves the purpose of function and protection from potential overheating during welds. tables designed for welding are usually constructed of dense metal materials that will not overheat while you work, and this is incredibly important. If you make the mistake of using your welder on a piece that is situated on a wooden table, for example, you could easily inadvertently start a fire in your workspace.  

Any form of welding will always come with a few safety concerns. As a novice welder, even with a stud welder, it is your responsibility to first learn how to keep yourself safe while you work, which will require a few pieces of gear. To learn more, contact a company like Northland Fastening Systems


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