3 Reasons To Switch To Radiant Floor Heating

Posted on: 1 August 2016

Is your current heating system on its last legs? If you know you are going to need a full replacement in order to stay warm this coming winter, you'll obviously want to spend some time looking at your different options. But if your current system is especially old, you should also know that there have been a lot of advances in heating technology since you last paid attention. If you've never heard of radiant floor heating before, here are three reasons why you might want to make the switch from a traditional heater.

Naturally Comfortable

As the name implies, radiant floor heating heats your home from the ground up. Because the entire floor essentially becomes a source of heat, this helps to make your entire house feel much more comfortable. This is because each room using this system will be heated much more evenly compared to traditional heating systems that use vents. A common description of what radiant heating feels like is the sensation you get when walking outside under the sun on a nice springtime day. 

The Sound of Silence

If you've been listening to your current heater loudly kick into gear only to clunk out as it goes through its death throes, you'll be especially happy to know that one of the best benefits of radiant floor heating is that it is whisper quiet. You'll likely never even hear anything "kick on" at all, you'll just begin to feel the warmth and know that it is working. If the heater kicking on to push air through the vents has ever woken you up at night, radiant floor heating will be a vast improvement for you and your family.

Room to Room Control

With traditional heating systems, if you want to stop the heat from entering a certain room, you can close the vents, but this is not really an efficient method of managing the temperature. The great thing about radiant floor heating is that each room can be set to its own temperature control. You can keep your bedroom a few degrees cooler to help you sleep at night but then have the kitchen or living room nice and toasty as soon you head down for coffee in the morning.

Radiant floor heating feels more natural, is whisper quiet during operation and offers more control over the temperature in each room than traditional sources of heat. Contact a local contractor such as Action Plumbing & Heating today for more information.


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