3 Tips To Help Stop The Banging Sound Pipes With Well Systems

Posted on: 4 August 2016

If you live in an area where water service may not reach your home, you may rely on a water well to bring water to your home. The well has several different components to ensure your home has running water, such as a pump and a pressure tank with baffle valve. When some of the components of your well start to fail, you may have problems like banging pipes or poor water pressure. Here are some tips to help solve the problem of noisy plumbing with wells and get your water pressure back.

1. Flushing The Well For Debris In Well Casing Causing The Pump To Not Work Properly

Well casings are the main component of your well and basically a wide pipe that goes down to the bottom of the well. They are perforated near the bottom to allow the water to fill up the well. When the well is installed, it is flushed to remove any debris that has fallen in and clean out the casings. This is something that may eventually have to be done again when the casing begins to get debris in it. The debris that gets into the well casing can be the source of many problems with your well, including different noises when you use your plumbing.

2. Dealing With A Damaged Well Pump That Does Not Work Correctly 

Pumps are what take the water from the well to the plumbing in your home. Today, submersible pumps are commonly used inside well casings for a compact solution that also protects a pump from the elements. This also can lead to another unique problem due to debris in the casing, which can damage the pump. This may often mean that the pump needs to be pulled from the well and repaired or replaced.

3. Replacing Pressure Tanks With Bad Valves In The Pressure Tank Causing Noisy Plumbing

Your well also has pressure tanks, which are usually located in an area of your home with other appliances like a furnace or hot water heater. The pressure tank is an empty tank with a rubber baffle valve inside of it. What this does is keep water pressure in pipes to prevent the well pump from constantly being on. When this valve wears out, you may here strange noises when you use your plumbing, as well as have problems with water pressure.

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