2 Ways To Know If Your Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced

Posted on: 3 October 2016

When you have a home you're ready to put on the market or a garage you want to make sure stays secure, you'll want to look at the garage door and determine if it is in good condition. According to the cost vs. value report by Remodeling magazine in November 2010, people who repair their garage doors before a home sale get 84 percent of the cost back when the home sells; it enhances the home's curb appeal and makes sure the garage stays secure. Here are a couple ways to know that it's time to take it in to a garage door repair shop like Callahan Door and Window to replace or repair your garage door.

The Door Sags

The first thing to look for is if your garage door is sagging or warped. A door that sags may not have a good seal along the top of the door frame, allowing critters to get inside easily and exposing the items inside the garage to the elements. A sagging door can also come down unevenly, which means the door may not seal to the ground when it's closed. This leaves enough room that water can seep in under the door and also makes it easier for people to break into the garage. 

This is something that could be fixed, but if you have a wooden door that has warped due to weather conditions, consider purchasing a metal door instead and replace the entire unit. Metal doesn't warp in wet environments, making it better for states where that's a problem. 

The Paint Is Chipping or Peeling

Another time to consider replacing or repairing your door is if the paint on the door has become chipped or is peeling. While repainting the door is an option, it can make the door heavier, which means it may not open and close as easily if you use a garage door opener. Another option is to purchase a metal door or a new wooden door that has a stain. Typically, doors with stains have sealants that will keep them looking like new for at least four years. Wood stains then can be reapplied without affecting the weight of the door, since the stain will have been removed by the elements or other factors. 

These are just a couple times when you should know that it's time to replace your garage door. Keep them in mind, and consider the different garage doors available today to make the best choice for your home. 


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