3 Ways To Make Your Commercial Sliding Door More Secure

Posted on: 3 October 2016

If your business has a commercial sliding door that opens automatically for customers, it is vital for the safety of your business that you keep that sliding door secure during non-business hours. Here are a few options that will help you increase the security of your commercial sliding door. 

#1 Use A Steal Lock

One of the easiest ways to make your sliding door more secure is by upgrading the lock on the door. Many sliding doors, including commercial ones, come equipped with rather flimsy locks. However, you can easily upgrade the standard lock that comes with your commercial sliding door. 

Instead of the standard lock, install a heavy gauge steel lock that is designed to act more like a large deadbolt on your sliding glass door. These locks generally have a smaller lock up top and a large one on the bottom that both act like deadbolts. These locks are much harder to compromise.

#2 Install Locks On The Top & Bottom

Next, the edge of the door is not the only place where you can install a lock. You can also install a lock that goes along the door frame. These locks are generally located at the end of one sliding door and keep the door attached to the sliding frame so it can't be opened. 

Often times, commercial doors are equipped with simple locks that just push into place. For your commercial sliding glass door, you can upgrade these locks so that they are secured in place with a key. A key lock at the top of your door will be harder to force open than a simple sliding lock. 

#3 Use A Security Bar

Finally, you can have a security bar created especially for your commercial door. A security bar is designed to be placed on one side of the door frame and then extended out until it touches the other door frame so that the door is forced to stay in place.

If someone where to try to force the sliding glass door of your business open, they would have to be strong enough to break the tension in your security bar and bend the metal that is holding it in place. It takes superhuman strength to break a security bar. 

A commercial sliding glass door can really show off your business; make sure that your sliding glass door is secure during non-business hours by upgrading all the locks on the door and investing in a security bar. For more information, check out http://sjdoorinc.com.


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