What A Drip! 4 Reasons Why You Need New Faucets

Posted on: 1 December 2016

Faucets are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in your house. You use them every day, but you probably don't give much thought about their effectiveness -- that is, until you start having problems with them. If your faucets have outlived their usefulness, it's time to trade them in for new ones. Not sure it's time? Here are four reasons why you should have your plumber come out and replace your faucets.

They're Leaking

If your faucets are leaking, you're ruining your faucets and wasting water. Just one leaky faucet can waste nearly 3,000 gallons a year. If you've got two or three leaky faucets, you're wasting even more. Not only that, but the constant leaking is also destroying your faucets from the inside out. If your faucets are leaking no matter how much you tighten them, it's time to replace them.

The Water Tastes Bad

If the water coming out of one of your faucets tastes bad, test the water at your other faucets. If the water tastes bad throughout your house, it's a municipal water problem. However, if your water only tastes bad from one particular faucet, the problem lies inside the faucet. Rust, decay, and old age can alter the taste of the water as it exits the faucet. If your faucets are causing your water to taste bad, it's time to get new ones.

There's Mold Growing

If you've noticed an increasing odor of mold in your kitchen or bathrooms, your faucets might be leaking under the sink. Just because you can't see the leaks doesn't mean they aren't occurring. Take a look along the edges of your faucets where they connect to the sink. If you see mold, the faucets are leaking around the outer edges. Now, look under the sinks – up towards where the faucets are attached. If you see moisture, your faucets could be leaking around the hose attachments. It's time to have a plumber come out and inspect your faucets.

The Water Pressure is Bad

There's nothing worse than turning on your faucets and having a slight trickle of water come out. If your water pressure is bad throughout the house, it's a whole-house plumbing issue that will need to be addressed. However, if only one or two of your faucets are experiencing low water pressure, it might be due to sediment buildup inside the faucets. Rust and hard water deposits can cause a decrease in water pressure. If you've got little to no water pressure in your faucets, talk to your plumber about replacements.

Faucet issues are no fun. If your faucets are giving you trouble, it's time to get new ones. While your plumber is there to fix leaky faucets, talk to them about other ways to update the plumbing in your home.


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