Tips For Ensuring Your Gutters Work Properly To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Posted on: 5 September 2017

Gutters may not seem like they're all that important to a home, but they can actually prevent expensive water damage to your basement or foundation. You should always ensure your gutters work properly to move water away from your house. Here are a few tips for making sure your gutters do their job.

Install Seamless Gutters

When it's time to put on new gutters, opt for the seamless variety. Not only do they look better since they don't have seams in the troughs, but they don't leak as readily. The seams are problem areas in gutters because the seams gradually work loose and leak. The seams can also act as a dam that catches leaves that build up and cause the gutters to overflow. Seamless gutters aren't entirely free of seams since the gutters have to be joined together at the downspout and when they go around corners. However, they have fewer seams than traditional gutters so that means fewer places where leaks can develop.

Inspect And Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Even if you have seamless gutters, you want to inspect them regularly. While they may not leak, a trough could work loose and sag. Sags keep water from flowing towards the downspout. Water may spill over the side of the troughs in a heavy rain if there is a sag. Take a look at your gutters when it's raining to make sure water isn't spilling over. You can also check how well the gutters drain when you clean them annually.

When your gutters fill up with leaves, water may not be able to flow through the troughs like it should. You probably don't want to clean out your gutters any more than you have to, so a solution is to have gutter guards installed. These are toppers for the gutters that allow rain to get inside but leaves are blocked so the gutters stay fairly clean inside so rain can flow through rather than spill over the sides. Even if you have gutter guards, you'll still need to clean out the troughs once a year. The job will be much easier without clumps of rotting leaves inside. You can use a hose to wash out the gutters and check for water flow at the same time.

Attach The Downspout To A Drain

The downspout should always point away from your home, but sometimes the spout gets twisted or an obstruction in front of the spout blocks the flow of water. One way to avoid the problem of the downspout dumping water near your foundation is to connect it to a drain that's under the ground. Place the drain in a trench and let it empty into the street so you're sure rain is routed far from your house.

By making sure your gutters work properly, you can protect your house from water damage. Installing seamless gutters with leaf guards makes the job of maintaining your gutters easier. Contact a company, like D & M Exteriors, for more help.


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