3 Things You Can Do To Simplify Your Custom Home Building Process

Posted on: 1 November 2017

Some home buyers will take the typical route and buy a home that is already built. However, if you really want to make sure your new home has all of the features and functions that your family needs, having a custom home built is the way to go. While having a custom home built can take a little more time and a little more hands-on attention from you, it is well worth the end result to see your dream home come to life piece by piece. To help the process along so you don't spend any more time than necessary anticipating the finished product, there are a few things you can do to simplify your custom home building process right from the start:

Purchase the land where you want your home to reside. 

Already having the land for your new home is probably one of the easiest ways you can get the project off to a good start. If you don't have your land when you visit a custom home builder, you will be left looking for the right place before the project can begin. When picking the land for your new home, make sure you consider:

  • Any zoning restrictions that could get in the way of the building process
  • Whether there is a good access point for the contractors and their equipment 
  • If the property is located in a desirable place for a private residence

Know the approximate size of the home you want to eventually have. 

Do you prefer a house that has a lot of room with spacious living areas and oversized bedrooms? Or, do you prefer a house that has smaller rooms and less living space to conserve energy? Most prospective custom home customers will come to the contractor with an idea of how many rooms they want or how many bedrooms they would like to have. However, it is a better idea to have an idea of the approximate size of home you would like to have built in square feet. This gives the custom home building manager a better idea of plans that you would be interested in the most. 

Think about special home features you want to be included. 

One of the greatest advantages of having a custom home built is the fact that you get to pick and choose all of those wonderful features that you want to be integrated. For example, if you want a balcony on the master bedroom, a wine cellar in the basement, or a jacuzzi tub in a private spa area, it can be accomplished. Make a list of the home features that you want definitively and take this with you for your initial consultation. 


Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury in Their Home

When I was growing up, my parents worked very hard to make ends meet for my family and we lived in a small, basic home. After I landed my first job as an adult, I purchased my first home. When I got a promotion at work, my salary increased dramatically and I started dreaming of having my bathroom remodeled to give it a "luxury spa" feeling. I felt guilty having a luxury spa in my home when my parents still lived in the same small home they raised us in, so I had their bathroom turned into a "luxury spa" as well! It felt great being able to "pay it back" to them for all the hard work they did in raising our family. I am looking into other home remodeling projects now, and I want to share what I am learning with others who would need the information!

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