3 Things You Should Expect To Change After Crawl Space Encapsulation In Your Home

Posted on: 23 February 2018

When you think about what makes up your home, you'll probably think about the attic, the overall living space, and maybe even your porch. However, there is one other component of your house that does need your respect and attention: the crawl space. Even though the crawl space is basically a void where the perimeter foundation supports the frame, it serves a good purpose. Crawl space encapsulation is a newer home project but is one with an array of benefits. The process involves sealing off the crawl space from the outside elements. If this is something you have scheduled to be done to your home, there are a few things you should expect to see happen almost immediately. 

Expect your home to feel tighter than it ever has been.

Walk into a home that has an encapsulated crawl space and you can usually sense the difference just in how tight the house feels. Sound can even be more contained because it doesn't slip out through to the open space. This tightness can be noticed by the fact that the house has no drafts, the floor will not feel cold beneath your feet, and various other things. Because crawl space encapsulation effectively seals everything off from below, you will enjoy a tighter home and see far fewer issues with pests as well. 

Expect a drastic change in humidity levels right off. 

Humidity levels are one of the first big changes you will notice once the encapsulation project has been completed. One of the primary purposes of crawl space encapsulation is to seal the house from the moisture that rises from the ground. This lack of humidity may be enough to feel physically on your skin without the heat or cooling running, but what you will notice as time passes is that it will be easier to keep your house warm or cool. 

Expect your home to smell different than it did before. 

This one may sound strange, but your home will definitely have a different kind of smell after crawl space encapsulation. Of course, what you will smell in the beginning may be slight hints of plastic and sawdust where the work was done, but once that subsides, you will notice your home smells better. Because before encapsulation all of those odors of dirt, mud, and dank earth can seep in through the floors, once the space has been sealed off, your home will be free of those particular odors.

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