The Quickest Way To Happiness On Snowy Spring Days

Posted on: 4 April 2018

It is April. There are supposed to be spring showers and the start of May flowers peeping up out of the ground. The buds on the trees are supposed to signal that leaves will pop out soon. Instead, you are waking up to a snowstorm that, according to your meteorologist, is going to drop a foot of snow on the ground. When you are nowhere near the Canadian border and you do not live in Alaska, you are probably ready to cry. Here are some of the quickest ways to happiness on snowy "spring" days.

Bundle up and Clear the Sidewalks of Snow One More Time, Then Drink Hot Cocoa

Heavy sigh. About the only good thing about snow storms like this is that you have hope that each one is the last. That, and the fact that you have one more opportunity to enjoy rich, chocolatey hot cocoa. So, bundle up and go out to shovel snow. The exercise will increase endorphins as you make the snow go away. Then come inside for hot cocoa. You should be feeling a little happier in no time.

Hire a Snow Removal Contractor

Why expose yourself to the cold and the whirling snow outside when you can pay somebody else to clear away the snow? Snow removal contractors would be thrilled to make just a little more money at this time of year because the snow is supposed to be gone, and they do not have much work to do. Make yourself happy while making someone else happy about making money. Everybody wins. Companies like C & Z Construction can help.

Go Visit a Florist

Florists have tons of beautiful, colorful, bright, and cheerful flowers, regardless of the time of year. When you want to ignore the snow falling outside, and you have hired someone else to clear the snow away from your property, you can go smell the flowers at a florist's. Then you can come home to clear sidewalks, a clear driveway, and the smells of spring still tingling your nose.

Make Plans to Build a Toasty Greenhouse 

Greenhouses, regardless of the time of year, absorb what sunlight they can. They are very toasty and cozy, even if they only get a little bit of sun before the storm hits. Then you can sit in the warm greenhouse until it starts to get chilly. At least you will get a little taste of the warmth of spring before the snowstorm ruins it. If you start your plans on this snowy April day, you will be able to sit in the greenhouse on the next snowy April day.


Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury in Their Home

When I was growing up, my parents worked very hard to make ends meet for my family and we lived in a small, basic home. After I landed my first job as an adult, I purchased my first home. When I got a promotion at work, my salary increased dramatically and I started dreaming of having my bathroom remodeled to give it a "luxury spa" feeling. I felt guilty having a luxury spa in my home when my parents still lived in the same small home they raised us in, so I had their bathroom turned into a "luxury spa" as well! It felt great being able to "pay it back" to them for all the hard work they did in raising our family. I am looking into other home remodeling projects now, and I want to share what I am learning with others who would need the information!

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