Why Blown-In Insulation Is A Good Way To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Attic

Posted on: 14 November 2018

Attic insulation plays a big role in how comfortable the temperature is in your home and how efficiently your HVAC works. If your home is always chilly in the winter and your power bills are high, then you might benefit from having more insulation installed. Common types are batt, blown in, and spray foam. All three options work well, but blown-in insulation is often a good choice. Here's why.

The Insulation Is Easy To Install

Attics can be small and difficult to work inside of. If your attic has very little headroom, the installers may not be able to stand up in it. In that case, blowing in the insulation makes sure the entire attic space is covered well. The insulation is blown out of a hose so it can reach the far corners of the attic so no places are missed.

Insulation Pieces Fills Irregular Spaces

Batt insulation comes in a uniform size and has to be cut to fit around protrusions or irregular shapes. When insulation bits are blown in, the pieces fall into gaps and fill up all the irregular areas on the floor so there are no open areas where warm air can escape from the house below.

Blown-In Insulation Can Top Existing Batt Insulation

Another advantage of blown insulation is it can be installed right over existing batt insulation for an additional layer of protection. First, the batt insulation has to be inspected because if it's wet or moldy, it should be removed. If it's still dry, fluffy, and in good shape, then new insulation can be blown over it to settle between gaps and add another layer on top.

It's Possible To Install The Insulation Yourself

If you're good with home improvement jobs, then you can rent equipment and install the insulation yourself if you feel confident in your skills. This could potentially save money over paying to have the insulation installed. However, if you don't feel comfortable operating the equipment or working in a confined attic space, then hiring a contractor to do the job is the best option and ensures the job is done properly.

If you're not sure if blown-in insulation is the right choice for your home, then discuss your options with an insulation installation contractor and compare the benefits, costs, and downsides to each type of insulation. Blown-in insulation could be the most suitable choice and a good way to improve the energy efficiency of your home all seasons of the year.


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