Three Benefits Of Storm Shutters

Posted on: 8 February 2019

Storm shutters were not meant for decoration only. They were invented for a reason, and that reason was to protect expensive glass windows in storms. Back in the 1800's and even earlier, glass was a precious commodity that was very costly to ship due to its fragility.

You had to have a lot of money to buy glass window panes, and you definitely did not want anything to destroy them. If they arrived to the site where you were building your new home in one piece, you counted yourself very lucky. That is exactly why storm shutters were invented. They helped protect those fragile and expensive windows during powerful storms. Over time, people started nailing them rigidly to the sides of the windows rather than using them to protect glass because glass developed into a tougher material. Now, people are returning to using shutters for their original purpose. Here are all the benefits of putting shutters on your home. 

Protection Against Vandalism

​Vandals will strike when you least expect, but if you are able to lock up your shutters, they cannot break the windows. Be sure to install storm shutters on the windows on the second story of your home as well, if applicable. Always lock up the shutters at night, and definitely lock them up on nights when you will either not be home, or at times that you know that acts of vandalism are common (e.g., high school homecoming, St. Patrick's Day, etc.).

Protection Against Intruders

​The first line of defense on your windows can be your shutters. Closing and locking the shutters before closing the windows and setting the alarm system adds an extra layer of security to your windows. If an intruder or thief is going to try to break in through your windows, he/she is going to have to do some serious damage to the shutters first, and that creates a lot of eye-catching attention from the neighbors who will call the police. 

​Protection Against Falling Trees and Limbs

​Insurance companies are often shocked when they see that a violent storm has broken a large tree limb off of a tree and sent it through a window into a house. If you have shutters on the house and you have the shutters closed up tight, the tree limb is less likely to make it all the way through the window. In fact, it is more likely to damage the shutters before it even touches the glass.


Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury in Their Home

When I was growing up, my parents worked very hard to make ends meet for my family and we lived in a small, basic home. After I landed my first job as an adult, I purchased my first home. When I got a promotion at work, my salary increased dramatically and I started dreaming of having my bathroom remodeled to give it a "luxury spa" feeling. I felt guilty having a luxury spa in my home when my parents still lived in the same small home they raised us in, so I had their bathroom turned into a "luxury spa" as well! It felt great being able to "pay it back" to them for all the hard work they did in raising our family. I am looking into other home remodeling projects now, and I want to share what I am learning with others who would need the information!

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