3 Advantages Of Replacing Old Pole-Mounted Transformers

Posted on: 19 June 2019

Placed high off the ground, pole-mounted transformers are the logical solution in many locations. These transformers are compact and have the ability to transform electric energy into higher outputs for homes in highly populated areas, as well as on commercial properties. These things have been around for a lot of years, so it is not uncommon to have transformers that are quite a bit outdated in operation. If the pole-mounted transformers that your energy company is responsible for are rather outdated, there are actually a whole list of advantages that can be reaped from upgrading to new ones. Here is a look at those advantages. 

1. You will see higher rates of energy translation in shorter timeframes.

Old transformers tend to rely on inner components like integrated circuitry and old transistors, which have long been replaced by things like iron and copper coils because they are much better at transforming power. This means that the power usage in one area can actually go down because the electricity that is being transformed is done so at a far more efficient rate. It won't take as long for electricity from the line to be transformed. Therefore, there will be a higher level of efficiency overall. 

2. Your transformers will be better protected from the elements. 

The encasements that transformers are placed in have always been fairly weather-resilient, but the more modern versions are designed to be even more resilient to the elements. Since the transformer is located up high where it is exposed to more wind, rain, and wind-thrown hail and debris, the exterior shells are highly prone to damage. The most modern versions are made with lightweight allows that are corrosion resistant, dent resistant, and far more capable of withstanding many years of use without breaking down. 

3. You will have a steadier power supplication. 

One big problem with outdated transformers is that they have not always been capable of delivering power in a steady fashion. A lot of people in a residential neighborhood relying on old transformers will have issues with variant appliance operation simply because the power supplied through the transformer varies. This can be problematic for obvious reasons, but it can also generate a fire risk that is unnecessary with some types of appliances. Therefore, replacing outdated transformers is a wise move. 

Overall replacing the pole-mounted transformers that your utility company is responsible for is highly important if they are severely outdated. Reach out to a transformer provider in your area for more information. 


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