Answers About Installing A New Garage Door

Posted on: 15 July 2019

A garage door system is capable of providing a convenient way of securing your garage. The large size and weight of these doors can impose some challenges, whether you are installing them for the first time or replacing an aging door system. Being aware of what should be expected from having a garage door installed will make it easier to manage this major upgrade.

Will The Garage Door Frame Need To Be Replaced?

When replacing the garage door, the frame that supported the previous door will likely be able to be used for the new door. However, there can be some instances where this will not be the case and the frame must be replaced. The most obvious and common will be when the new garage door is heavier than what the frame can support. Additionally, it is possible for damage to the frame to be discovered during this work, and severe frame damage will not be able to be sufficiently repaired. While replacing the garage door frame can add to the costs of this upgrade, it will not significantly delay the work, as installing a garage door frame can normally be done in a few hours.

Are The Garage Door Sensors Prone To Malfunction?

A garage door is a very complicated piece of machinery that has many moving parts that can be extremely heavy. Keeping these various components working together in a smooth and safe fashion will require sensors to be positioned in key locations. The most visible example of these sensors will be the safety sensors that are placed below the door. In the event that these sensors detect an object, they will stop the door from closing on it. Generally, these sensors are highly reliable and will require little care, but they can become misaligned if they are struck.

Do The Garage Doors Make Enough Noise To Impact The Comfort Of Those In The House?

Concerns about the amount of noise that a garage door system produces can be another key issue for homeowners that are evaluating these systems. While an automatic garage door will make some noises, there are models that are designed to be as silent as possible. This is done through the use of insulation that will absorb the noises that the door is producing. For those with young children or other individuals that would be negatively impacted by the sounds of a garage door opening and closing, choosing a model that is as quiet as possible is worth the slightly higher price.

If you have questions relating to your garage door, contact garage door installations professionals, today.


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