The Benefits Of Building With SIP Panels Over Stick Framing

Posted on: 16 October 2019

While stick framing has been the most widely used building method for several hundred years, changes have been made in construction materials to improve the process. Structural Insulated Panels, or SIP panels, can be used to build walls, roofs, or even the entire shell of a building. It's more expensive to use panels from a SIP panel manufacturer, but this is only for the short term. There are enough benefits to using SIP panels over traditional stick framing that you are going to save money over the long term. It is worth the investment to used pre-cut SIP panels in your construction project, as you will save money on labor costs, energy bills, and more over the life of your building.

Construction Times are Shortened

More labor and time are needed when you build with traditional stick framing. It requires delivery of the wood and a crew of framers who build each wall separately. Once the walls are built, you still need to have sheetrock put on and the walls insulated. When you invest in SIP panels instead, you combine the framing and insulation steps into one. This can cut your construction time in half, saving you money on labor costs on your project.

Keep Your Energy Costs Down

A home built with SIP panels is going to be more energy-efficient than one built using the traditional stick frame method. The SIP panel home is more insulated and there is less air leakage. You have fewer drafts in a SIP panel home, making your home a more comfortable place. When you aren't experiencing drafts all the time, there is also going to be less dust and allergens blowing through your home.

Save Money On Your HVAC System

When you build using SIP panels, the better energy efficiency results in the need for a less powerful heating and cooling system. You will still have the comfortable temperatures you want, but you aren't going to have to spend as much money to stay comfortable. This saves you money during the initial installation phase, as well as over time. It is less expensive to run a smaller heating and cooling system.

To build a home that is more energy-efficient and better for the environment, it's time to consider the use of pre-cut SIP panels. Your home will be built faster, and you will be able to save money on utility costs over time. For more information about pre-cut SIP panels, contact a company like Innovative Buildings Technologies


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