Work Zone Equipment Your Company Should Have While Working On A Busy Road

Posted on: 19 October 2020

If you run a construction company that focuses on road work, you likely already place a great amount of emphasis on keeping your employees safe while they are out on the work site. But while you probably already have barrels or other roadblocks up in order to serve as a barrier between your employees and oncoming traffic, there is a variety of additional work zone equipment that you could consider adding which would add additional safety and peace of mind to your work area.

Speed Limit Trailers

Have you ever been driving down a road and seen a sign posted on the side of the road that was constantly adjusting to the exact speed of the last vehicle that drove by? Sometimes these variable speed limit trailers are put up by police in order to promote safe driving, but a construction company like yours can purchase and install these devices just outside of your work site. This will let drivers know exactly how fast they are going before they actually get near your employees and for a lot of people, it can serve as a reminder that they need to slow down.

Traffic Detection Sensors

It's one thing to give a driver a heads-up that they need to slow down, but wouldn't it also be great if your employees could be notified every time a car is about to come flying around the bend? It's possible to install a trailer or sign that is rigged with a traffic detection sensor. As soon as anything goes by the sensor at a certain rate of speed, you can get a notification in the form of an alarm like a beeping noise or another sound that will give your employees a heads-up that a car is coming through the area soon.

Camera Trailers

If you don't just want to hear when a car is coming, you also install a traffic camera trailer that will give your employees, or at least the point man, a live look at a specific part of the road. If your work project has multiple bends in the road, a set of camera trailers will help ensure that you always know what's around the bend before you start to move any of your heavy equipment in that direction.

If you want to keep your road construction site as safe as possible, upgrade your available equipment to include cameras or sensors designed to notify you when a car is about to arrive. Talk to a work zone equipment provider like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. today for more information


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