Debunking Two Of Your Misbeliefs About Commercial Cleaning Services

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Keeping your business's windows clean is an important part of making your enterprise as attractive as possible to potential and existing customers. However, new business owners will often neglect this routine chore because they make the mistake of believing some relatively common misconceptions about window cleaning services. By knowing the truth behind the following two notions, you should be better able to appreciate the benefits of using these services.  Myth: Professional Commercial Window Cleanings Are Only For High Rise Buildings
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Four Off-Grid Solutions To Get Water From The Source To Your Home

Posted on: 10 June 2015

If you have a rural property, getting water from a source to your home can be a difficult problem to solve. This usually is done with a well pump if you use a water well, but if you want your home to also have sustainable off-grid solutions, you may want other systems. Some of the things that you can do include using ram pumps, cisterns and wind powered pumps. Here are some off-grid solutions to back up your well pump when you go off-grid:
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New Building Contractor's Guide To Grading Plans For Custom Home Construction

Posted on: 28 May 2015

If you are a newly licensed building contractor who just signed a contract to oversee the building of your first custom home, then you need to understand the importance of a formal grading plan for your building site. A grading plan can save your project time, money, and a lot of frustration. Here are some considerations for you to think about while working on your grading plan with your grading trade contracting company:
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Driveway Paving Materials And Prep Work

Posted on: 14 May 2015

If you're planning on having a driveway built on your property, make sure to understand the materials used and the unique properties of your land. Pre-existing driveways, sands, soil types or debris may cost extra or require a different approach once the paving team arrives, so it's better to discuss the conditions beforehand. Consider a few traits and exceptions that could have an impact on your driveway build. Remove Or Keep: Updating With An Existing Driveway
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